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Online Quizzing

Online Pub Quizzing, was it born out of necessity during lockdown?
Online Pub Quizzing, was it killed because of lockdown?

These are questions we often ponder over, the truth is we don't know.

We think it has a place, whether its a weekly event, fundraiser event or team-builder we can tailor make a quiz to suit.


Private Events

We have done many private event quizzes for the likes of company's who want to reward their colleagues with some light entertainment.
Fundraiser quizzes are a 
popular reason for an online quiz which allows people to play from anywhere.

No need for separate devices to play along, everything happens by just clicking a web link. 
No Pens, No Paper, No Apps.

Family Quizzing

Because people don't have to be in the same room to play along our quizzes are a great way to get the old rivalry between family members to see who is really the brains of the family.
With prices starting at just €50 why not organise a challenge game this festive season. 
Our games are in in-app hosted to give you the best pub quizzing 
If you would like to run your own zoom room to work alongside our game we can help advise you on the best way to do that. 



We host a live online quiz for anyone to play along.

We play 3 rounds of 25 general knowledge quiz questions.

Cash prize depends on attendance numbers. 


Online Bars

Want us to host an online quiz exclusively for your bar? Now you can book either a regular or one off quiz and give your punters the game pass link to play along. 

Pick what time it starts, how long it runs and even what length breaks to take.
Bar costs start from free.

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