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Want to play along with one of our live-in pub events? Well, now you can from the comfort of, well, anywhere! All you need to do to join in is purchase a game pass with which quiz you want to play or if it's happening live then look for today's date over at Feel like you’re part of the action with the pub sounds on an ‘Almost’ live stream. There will be a delay of just a few seconds but nothing that will hinder your game play. The game app will be in sync with everyone playing. After purchasing your game pass you will be emailed the game code, enter that game code in and wait for the game to begin. Our online pass will cost just €5 but depending on the venue should you choose to attend may charge more or less to play. So what are the prizes? 
Well the venue in which we are hosting more often than not will have the best prizes so if you can, try visit the venue where we are hosting soon. 
Online passes/team players can not win the venue prize for obvious reasons so we will be putting up the prize of 25% of the total sales on the online passes to the team with the highest score. Yes, a separate prize for online teams.

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To jump into this game quickly head to our events page and book your game pass for just €5. The game pass will be emailed to you after completing the order. Return to this page if you would like to watch along while playing. Any venue prizes can only be won by teams playing at that venue. After entering the game code you must select from the dropdown menu if you are playing in the venue or online somewhere else. NOTE: Play to the device more than the audio of the quizmaster.

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