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In Pub Entertainment

We have been hosting pub quizzes in the south-east for over 17 years and we have evolved and modified it to what is a very popular feature for many pubs during this time. 
It started out as a pen and paper quiz back in the year 2005 and we have seen it change to a virtual video quiz in 2008 and with the birth of smartphones in 2011 we had to adapt again by bringing in Ireland's first smartphone quiz by using the SpeedQuizzing App. 
In 2020 and with the world in lockdown, we had to change our quiz platform once again with the introduction of the 'CrowdPurr' application to allow our users to continue playing our quizzes online and we decided to stick with them as pubs reopened after lockdown. 


Our mission is to bring a high quality of entertainment to as many pubs as necessary to those who wanted it by either hosting for them or training others to host for them using our tried and tested formula and platform.

No matter where you are situated, talk to us and lets get your venue hosting a weekly quiz. 



Having been in the quiz entertainment for over a decade and a half the one thing we can say is we have a massive library of pub quiz questions, this allows us to tailor-make a quiz suited to your venue. If it's a sports bar, music bar or if it's students or OAP's then we have the best selection of questions to suit. 

Every bar will have put their own touch on what they believe the best quiz will be and we are here to listen and even offer some advice.
The venue will even have its own branding on player devices and pub screens, we don't stop there because we can advertise drinks or food specials or even other entertainment coming at this venue.

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